Friday, March 23, 2012


Things are looking a little different around here eh? I won a pretty blog template giveaway via a contest held by one of my very favorite blogs, Delightfully Tacky! The fancy new template is made by Sarah of xoSillygrrl on Etsy. I was so excited to win this as she just so happened to have a template with pretty bunting across the top which just so happens to be sort of a reoccurring theme in my wedding. 
So! It's March 23rd. Where are we? Well, it's almost midnight, so, it's almost 42 days to go. Forty-two more days to plan the event of our lives. 
Justin and I finally went shopping for his attire. We found some pants, isn't that exciting?! So far he only has pants and shoes. Ties are on the way. Finding the right vest is proving to be more difficult than one would think. 
I've been doing a bit of wedding crafting on the weekends, slowly plugging away at things. Stamping our little initialed heart onto things, writing place cards and making little paper cones out of old book pages. The old book that has sacrificed itself to the cause is called Run Sheep Run (you can't even google it, google doesn't even know about this book) and is something that I picked up in a thrift store once because it was a pretty teal color. As I've been sitting around ripping out it's pages I've almost wished I'd read it first. The snippets i've read sound kinda good and now I feel bad. Books are sacred!

I've also been harnessing a lot of brain power into planning our Honeymoon. Well, the main part of it is taken care of, thanks to Justin's amazing parents giving us our trip to Disney World. But I've been agonizing (okay maybe not quite agonizing but I did stay up one night until like 1am doing research) over which restaurants to make reservations at, what to do, etc etc etc. We're staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, which I'd been flip-flopping over until we watched some youtube videos of people sitting on their balconies watching giraffes and zebras go wandering by. I think my problem is that there is just an overwhelming amount of choices. I want to stay at every hotel, go to every restaurant, ride every get the idea. I keep trying to change my mind about things but thankfully I have Justin to reel me in. I think that I've also been having this same problem with the wedding planning. There is just an overwhelming amount of options, it's difficult to settle with just one choice. Can't I have multiple reception tents set up, each with a different decor theme? Can't I change my shoes 23 times during the day? Making wedding decisions is HARD.

I think my next post I am going to talk about all of the weird wedding-related dreams that I have had over the past several months. I hope this is normal. 



Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Bear with me while the blog undergoes a little makeover. Having some technical issues at the moment!
In other news- 45 days to go!

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Just a quick note to mention that I've updated my little list of links over there to the right --------->
I'll try to keep a nice little list of all the vendors that we have used throughout the planning of our wedding, from everything to the food down to the fancy tape I used on the boutonnieres. I've also put a link on there to my Pinterest page which has proven to be massively useful as far as gathering ideas and remembering things to purchase, etc. (thank you Robin for showing me the light!). Hopefully this may be helpful if there are any brides-to-be reading my blog... or for people who are as obsessed with Etsy as I am, you can see what sellers I have used. Happy (almost) Friday!



Sixty-Five and Counting

Sixty-five days to go! Some exciting things have been happening lately. First we finally chose a ceremony officiant that was recommended to us by our caterer. His name is Captain Ron Gonzales (you can find his contact info here if you scroll down to Wedding Officiants), we met with him last week and he is going to be a perfect fit for us. We had put off finding an officiant for a long time because we were so unsure of how to go about mixing our beliefs, but I feel so much better about it now. 
Earlier this week we also finally went to have our wedding rings made! This was another thing that we put off for ages because we had no idea what we wanted. I knew that I wanted to keep with the theme of my engagement ring and have something old, preferably from one of our families. It was just a matter of finding the perfect bits and pieces to make up the perfect rings. Justin's ring is going to be one of his dad's old wedding bands that no longer fits. We're just going to have it fitted and polished, and then of course have something special engraved on the inside. 

As for my ring, it's going to made up of three things that are being melted down and combined. The first ring once belonged to Justin's dad's grandmother and was her high school ring from 1927. Her name was Willa Theadosha, how cool is that?!

The second ring belonged to Justin's grandmother (maternal) and is a gorgeous gold initial signet ring.

And now for the best part, the third and final component....

My dad's old gold tooth! So I know most people are probably thinking "Okay, well, that's weird." But it's perfect! I wanted to have a piece from my family included in the ring and we didn't really have any old rings that worked until my dad suggested his old gold tooth. I love it. It makes me laugh every time. And when I have that ring on my finger I will always have a perfect reminder of my family (and my dad's old gold tooth). Perfection.

Last bit of news, we picked up the invitations yesterday from Paper in the Park! They look SO good! Everyone at Paper in the Park did such an amazing job and were so helpful and fantastic to work with. They really were invaluable in helping to make my vision come alive. I started addressing them asap when I got home yesterday, we're a month behind getting them in the mail!
Here's a few sneak peeks at the invites:

Everything came wrapped up in this beautiful box!