Friday, September 30, 2011

On Catering

Choosing a caterer and going to a tasting has been at the top of my HOLY-CRAP-I'M GETTING-MARRIED-I-CAN'T-WAIT-TO______ (fill in the blank) list. I've always figured it was going to be a fairly easy task, as, well, I love food (Justin does too). I like all types of food, especially anything that's bad for you, mainly desserts. There aren't really many things that I don't like aside from fish (because it makes me sick), and really spicy things (because I am a wimp). But basically, if it has frosting on it, or a cream filling, I'm probably going to eat it. 

I haven't been to very many weddings in my life, which is unfortunate because I really like weddings (especially when they are my own). I can't really even recall what I ate at those weddings, except for the steak and mashed potatoes at my cousin's wedding (which was mega-yummy), and an awesome red velvet cake. As yummy as steak and potatoes are, I've always known that I had to do something different when it came the time to serve up some grub for my guests. And really, does that come as a suprise (Me, different?!) I had a vision of mini burgers and mini hotdogs and a whole load of desserts. I like when things are mini because I myself, am mini and still enjoy "kid" food on a regular basis (I always get the blue ice cream at Maggie Moos).


And so enters Main Street Catering in Bowie, MD.  After scouring the websites of several local catering companies and really seeing nothing that caught my eye or made my mouth water, I came across Main Street (thanks, Google!). Not only do they have MINI BURGERS on their menu, but they also have MINI HOTDOGS. Fate? I think so.

I promptly called and began to discuss my vision with them. Not only were they SUPER nice, but they also suggested that we have a QUESADILLA station. Holy camoly. Justin is an avid fan of all things Mexican food but mainly just all things oozing with cheesey goodness. If there is one thing that I can say to get him exciting talking about the wedding it's that we're going to have a quesadilla station. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

On Wedding Registries

Yesterday Justin and I started quite possibly the best part about getting married: creating our wedding registries. First we went to Target and picked out a bunch of kitchen essentials, pots and pans, cookie sheets, cooking utensils, etc. Pretty much everything we chose was from Giada DeLaurentiis' line for Target, super cute red retro-esque stuff! Our kitchen theme is retro, which probably calls to mind several different eras, but basically I want it to look like a kitchen from the 1930s-60s (huge timeline, I know, but each decade was packed with so much cute stuff!). I'm super into really kitschy, colorful stuff (big suprise, right?) A few years ago I found the most perfect bright red pyrex bowl at an antique shop, and ever since then that has been the basis for my future dream kitchen.

When we got home I did a little research on everything and turns out Giada's cooking utensils are not so hot. Apparently the red dye bleeds out occasionally when you cook with them, gross! We also wound up taking off a few other items that had bad reviews. That seems to be our plan of action: go to the store, go crazy with the scanner then get home and remove most of it.

Later on we went to Bed Bath and Beyond, which is basically, I'm assuming, the Holy Grail of wedding registries (or is it the Mecca?). Things were a little more formal there, we had to sit at a special counter (fancy!) and talk to a special "registry consultant" (fancy!), then got a special store tour (fancy!). It was all rather unnecessary, as if we hadn't already been in that store a zillion times before. By the end of our little tour I could tell Justin was getting pretty antsy. Just give us the scanner and let us go!

Surprisingly, we found a set of dishes that we both not only agreed on, but loved! I figured that I would be pretty tough to please since I tend to be picky about that stuff (most everything in my eyes looks too boring or "mainstream", I know, roll your eyes!). We scanned a few other items (food processor, toaster oven, and of course, the beloved Kitchenaid stand mixer).

But then, fatigue and hunger began to set in. Feelings of being totally overwhelmed washed over me...all of the pots and pans and towels and sheets and utensils began to look the same. My legs were tired and I didn't want to look at another thing. I was DONE with wedding registries for the day. Justin was unhurt by my decision to quit for the night. We both agreed that it was our discussion over kitchen knives that did it (there are WAY too many to choose from and we have absolutely no idea how to choose).

And so it ended there. We walked over to Whole Foods and had a lovely little dinner (Justin somehow got an extra slice of pizza for free!) and then got ice cream. I needed a little ice cream therapy after all of that.